Fuel Your Legacy

Episode 184: Alyssa Camacho, Leadership and building a strong community.

Episode Summary

Alyssa Camacho is the Founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire. Alyssa June Camacho, is an amazing mother, wife, and ROCKSTAR entrepreneur! She is the Founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire & an Executive and Share Holder in one of the newest & fastest growing Tech Companies, OrderEasy. She is a sought out trainer and mentor who has influenced and inspired the lives of thousands. She is the leader of one of the strongest Female Business Masterminds, THE INNER GODDESS EMPIRE. She credits her features in Huffington Post, iTunes, Energy Healing Conference, ServeX, Global Wealth Leaders, Women’s Entrepreneur Conference, Spotify, and many more... Her main mission and purpose is to help Female Entrepreneurs lead with love to change the world by helping them become smarter business owners and lead large communities!

Episode Notes

Welcome back to the fuel your legacy podcast each week we expose the faulty foundational mindsets of the past and rebuild the newer, stronger foundation essential in creating your meaningful legacy. We've got a lot of work to do. So let's get started.

As much as you liked this podcast, I'm certain that you're going to love the book that I just released on Amazon, fuel your legacy, the nine pillars to build a meaningful legacy. I wrote this to share with you the experiences that I had while I was identifying my identity, how I began to create my meaningful legacy and how you can create yours. You're going to find this book on kindle amazon and as always on my website, Sam Knickerbocker com

welcome back to the fuel your legacy podcast and this chick that we have on today. She is a rock star saw her

making moves on social media and reached out to her because I thought she said

Somebody who aligns with me she has a similar audience as far as her message goes

and we want to help the same group of people and so I brought her on here because she's your person and like she's helping you the same way that I would want to help you so that's why I brought her on here. Her name is Alyssa June Camacho amazing mother rock star. She's the founder is the founder of the female entrepreneur Empire. Okay, that's, that's who I like, I'm a man I get it. But that's how I talk to a lot of times. That's who I know is listening is that demographic, so I want to make sure that people get that opportunity. And then she's also an executive shareholder, and one of the fastest-growing tech companies order easy. So, um, she's just, she's just incredible. And trainer, public speaker, she holds events. She has a mastermind and just does tons and tons of things to add as much value to others as possible. Her mission is really to help female entrepreneurs

lead them with love to change the world by helping them become smarter business owners and lead large communities. And one thing that I like about her messaging is it's not like a massive company or a massive group of people, but it's a community, right? And in community, there's a familial connection between everybody in that how do you build a community, you'll hear the word tribe often, and the tribe is good. But I think communities better tribe is almost like, in, in a lot of cases, the word tribe Does you like to think? What do I associate with the word tribe? You think of like warring tribes, tribes that are at war with each other. And when you think of a community you don't think of like this community is pitted against that community. You think of community as people wanting to be inclusive, wanting to help people succeed and lift people. So I love the choice of words of try, of the community over try. So that's my little thing but go with it. And Alyssa, let us know a little bit about your story where you came from.

what you were doing before you found your passion? How you found your passion? How'd you decide to make a total go for your passion? Alright, guys, they're ready. So okay, first I'd say it's Elisa. I know it's done, like Alyssa. But

then you're gonna I like had friends calling me throughout high school so say my name wrong and even now the girls that are in our mastermind I get it wrong because they see it on Facebook more than they say it so there's good but um, but yes, so Oh my gosh, where did I start? So I guess I should tell you guys that in high school I did not fit in. Um, I was not your typical person. I was an outgoing, really optimistic bright, I guess personality so much that people thought I was like crazy. Like, they would ask them questions like, Are you crazy? Because I was always so like, hyper and excited about things. Um, and so I was like, cool. I don't want to go to college, which sounds dumb, but I was like, This is not my thing. Like I gotta find like, Where do I belong in the world. And so I didn't have a community. I think that the best community people, leaders come from a place of like wanting to

build something where they feel like they truly belong because they understand people. And so, yeah, I just I guess I read it right out of high school, I've set a goal, I was like, I'm going to become a district manager by the age of 20. Because I'm going to make more money than all the people that went to college, I found the exam. So that was my drive. And so I did, I went to a few different companies. And I became a district manager, which so not as relevant but throughout that, I learned a lot about leadership and so many things. And one of the things that I wanted to do was make my teams like the absolute best and I heard this thing called personal development. And so I did start doing like personal development seminars, and I started like, getting into like all this like, whoo stuff. And I would take it back. And I would do like 15 meetings, and it was really cool and really fun. But then, to kind of speed the process along a few years into that. My husband and I went to a seminar and we were like, cool this thing called mentoring this thing called coaching, we're going to do coaching. And so like, you know, all the other thousand people at a seminar, like we're gonna do coaching, it's gonna be awesome. And so we've never done anything in business didn't have a registered business or

anything whatsoever so awkward. And my husband calls me one day. And he's like, Hey babe, I think I'm going to quit. I think I want to quit my job. And I want to go pursue this coaching thing. Now mind you, we had zero clients at the time, we had no idea what coaching even was, we were taking, like one program to learn about it. Um, but we made enough money. So I guess I should tell you that like I was a district manager by the age of 20 had over 32 stores, like seriously crushed it. I mean, like when I say crush it like we took a district that was 127 out of 132 to 12 within six months. And so it was a really big hard like, push crash, like personal development, plus the actual business side of things. And we did well and so my husband's like, I'm going to quit and I'm over here thinking that's fine. I make enough money to sign a big deal will be fine. Well, a few weeks in that, you know, when you get that calling, this is gonna be different for most of you, I get the call and you know what you're supposed to do, but you're like, hesitant towards it. And like, I don't know if I want to do it. Um, yeah, so a few weeks and I was like, I should quit too. Like I should quit and

At the time, we had just bought a house, we had just had our first baby. So she was six months old. I just bought a new truck, like, I mean, our life was like, pretty, we were pretty stout making over six figures a year, doing pretty great. And we both were like, let's just quit our jobs within two weeks of each other. Because I thought he was like at home, figuring out the business, like I 100% thought that he was at home, doing all the things that he's supposed to be doing to make the business work, but anybody who's an entrepreneur knows, but your first two weeks of business is stressful. You don't know what to do, and you basically lay in bed and just don't do anything because you don't know where to go. And so that's kind of what was happening. I didn't realize that. So when I told him I wanted to quit. He was like, yeah, that's fine. Go ahead and quit. He was kind of hesitant, but he wasn't gonna tell me no because we don't ask her permission in our relationship. We just asked for support. And so I was like, Hey, I think I want to quit. We decided to quit. And like the first one, we made $50 and I was like, heck, yeah.

Because here's the thing, somebody paid us. So I don't recommend that to everybody. But our concept was like if we just dive in and cut off option B

We will have no choice but to make this successful, which works for some personality. It's not for everybody, and you have to be willing to get it like 100%. So, in the first month, we made 50 bucks. Obviously, at that point, all of our bills are getting late. In the second month, we made $149. And we didn't have that three people showed up. That's awesome.

One person bought 149 the next month, I started to play with social media a little bit and made like 450 bucks. And I kind of was like, yeah, that's not gonna work for us or truck was repossessed. I mean, I could tell you endless stories of things that we lost, going into bankruptcy, just crazy, crazy crap. And pretty much was that happening as I was like, No, I'm not doing this anymore. This is not the life I want to live in. So I dug deep took the business skills that I learned from being a district manager and made 18,000 the next month in cash received and don't I'm not gonna let you think the story was great from there because I didn't know how to maintain 18,000 I knew how to make it and I knew how to, but it was good. I mean, I made 2005 thousand, you know, and so we've kind of worked

This little jug for a while, which was fine. And people would be like, That's amazing. Lisa, we figured out how to get to about 8000 a little bit more than that consistently. And it was cool except for I got depressed. And that was annoying because I'm not a depressed person. And so I really, I'm an honest person. So when I say it was annoying, like I was annoyed. I was like, This is dumb. I'm not like, I'm a happy person, like, this shouldn't be happening to me. I finally figured out how to make our business successful, like what the front door and I was so frustrated. And I did. I told my husband, I'm mad. I'm taking three weeks off. I'm not doing anything, absolutely nothing for three weeks. And I said, I'm just going to just figure out me, so I took our mattress. This is kind of like all kinds of telefax but I took our mattress, and I moved it to the living room. And I slept in our living room for three weeks straight. And all I did for three weeks was figure out what I loved. like okay, at one point I was excited to do the entrepreneurship journey. Somehow along there. I got lost in my trying to figure out the money piece of it, trying to figure out how to just find clients.

I wasn't doing what I was called to do. I was just doing whatever I could do to make money. And it just wasn't making me happy. And so I wrote down everything that made me happy. So I was obsessed with like, one direction.

Sounds dumb, but I didn't know who they were before that, but then I like figured out who they were. And it was pretty cool. I was like, I watched every documentary on YouTube about them. Um, I learned that like, I love Starbucks, because I like classy things, and like fun and like, they just make you feel better when you wake up and you're like, rich enough to get like a $5 coffee.

That was like a big deal. And I don't know, I just like started writing down all these things that I love music, people anything. And when I found out that the, towards the end of that three weeks, one direction, like I was so pumped in, I was like, I love one direction. And all of a sudden, like, I get to the end of the video and it's like, they're no longer a band, which was frustrating because I was coming out of depression. After all, there was a band that was so awesome. And I was I went to a concert that's gonna be great. And then to find out they were not a band, I was like back at square one and it sounds so dumb, but when you're depressed and your emotions are so they can just

go up or down so quick. And so from that, I was like, okay, so I have to figure out what direction is not there. I got to figure out what's going to replace that. So I started to ask the question, why? Why did I like one direction? Why do I like Starbucks? Why do I like things and ultimately what it came down to it with everything that I loved, I came down to basic things that were like really classy things that were adventurous, but the majority of it was things that had a team, things that involve a lot of other people. And when I asked myself if I could move anywhere and do anything, and what would I do? And I kind of created these four different lives for my brain, and I said, If I had four different things, what would I do? All of them came back down to helping female entrepreneurs, which I had heard before, I'd like to get that in my brain before but I wasn't expecting it because I was scared. I wasn't gonna make money doing that. And I had already worked so hard to be successful to that point. So it was like, I don't want to do that. And so when I realized that though, that like I loved the community, I love the team and that's really when you look back at my journey of when I was in high school, and I was on dance company and when I was, you know district manager

Two different companies. What I was doing was building a really powerful, strong community and really strong team leaders. And that's pretty much what I was doing. And so I realized I have the skill for this, I'm going to do it. So after that three weeks, I guess during the three weeks, I kind of got like, a huge business idea. And literally, after the three weeks are done, the very next week, I launched our business took two months to get up and going and ever since then, has just been, there's been ups and downs for sure. I didn't take a payout for the first few years. From that business. I only took apart other business, but I like figured out how to build a huge movement across the country in different states and things with lots of different events and so many amazing things because I just took the principle What do I love? Why do I love it? So let's kind of jump into entrepreneurship, truly, a bumpy road.

Hey, I think most people have a bumpy road into entrepreneurship and unless you're like Trump and got a small loan of a million dollars

Yeah, most people they struggle and I think that story is so

it's so real and

Frequent. People assume that when they're going to become an entrepreneur, well, I'm going to do it better and different, and it's not going to happen to me and I say more power to you. I hope you're right. I will support you. I'll pray for you all those things. But don't be shocked when you're not right. Right. Don't be shocked when you have the same experience or similar experience that everybody else has. Right, I had an I tried to avoid it. So far, as I've done pretty well. Like once I started my business, I haven't ever had to not have my business has gone bankrupt yet. I haven't done any of those things. So that's been good, but there has been harder months where you don't make any money or you lose money in a month and you're like, crap, these people wanted their money back stupid, you know. And one of the nice things for me coming from so I came from the door to door sales. So I already came from a position where your income was up and down your incomes not the same in sales almost ever, right? It's not like a consistent income. It goes up

Up and down. And so I learned the skills of how to stick to Hey, this is my monthly cost of living, I'm going to stick to that. And all the extra is going to go into saving for when I didn't bring enough to cover my monthly cost of living now I'm covering that with the savings. And so I had a really good training process through that, to get into where I am now. And I've been in business for almost 10 years. So understanding that that aspect, though, is crucial when you're going to school to start a business how to float a bad month, is probably one of the biggest things that's not taught in, in finances or definitely, entrepreneurship is that you have to be putting money away for those bad months, especially in the beginning. Like the first year, you probably should have two years' worth of savings and you probably still will have enough for your first year to grow business and to live your normal life. So I love that. The other thing I want to pull out of her story is

I think something that's crucial in our relationships, and it's often gone missing. And it's, I don't know if I would say it's hard, but it's something that if it's not already existed in your, in your relationship with whoever, whether it's your family members, because this is a boundary thing it has nothing kind of has to do with relationships, but it's a boundary thing. And that is, you don't ask for permission to achieve your dreams, you asked for support. And if they're not willing to give you support, then you have to have a way of saying, Well, my boundary says I only associate with people who give me support and have a boundary. Now that's difficult if you're married, and you got two or three kids. And now you want to introduce that into the conversation. It can be done, I want you to know it can be done, and there's a way to do it. And if you don't know how to do it, you're unsure about how to do it. Please call Elisa or myself calls, call one of us to call somebody who's had that conversation. There are ways to have that conversation and get the support of your spouse. Don't just go and be like, well, then you're we're getting divorced. If you don't, that's not what we're suggesting. All right. All right.

Both of our intentions are to help you have a wonderful happy life in all areas, your life, marriage, family, everything. But it is important to understand the boundaries of, Hey, this is my life, I'm going to live it. I would love your support, I don't need your support for me to do what I'm going to do. I would like it if you're willing to offer it is a huge mindset shift that holds a lot of people back because they're embarrassed, they think, Oh, is he going to help you do this? And that's where you got to get to the point where Yes, you are going to help and you want that success to happen. So love that. And then

also, the other thing, I have my people ask similar questions, but I've never asked them in this way. So I love that you mentioned this. I called it what do I love therapy?

Okay, like that's an essential thing. I have people go through and identify what fulfills them. But honestly, if I wrote down what do I love, it's different it's a different scenario.

Then the follow-up question that you didn't find out until after you'd already identified what you love, which I think this is crucial to go through a What do you love, really fall in love with it? And then ask this question. Why do I love it? We're recording this podcast? You guys aren't hearing this till probably April. But we're recording this on Valentine's Day. This is like the perfect day to be recording this podcast. And

it's interesting. Why do I love right? You probably know what you love about your spouse, you probably know

that you love your kids or your significant others or your mom or your dad or whatever. But think about why do I love like what specifically? Why do I love them? What is it that they stand for? Who are they as a being? Why do I love them or what I'm doing it for work? I love that question. Why do I love what I love? Because that's an internal question that has nothing to do with them. It's all an internal question and helps you identify your identity a little bit better. So I love that and then the last thing

I want to pull out here is

kind of the ultimate stop of what stops and most people and that is you're scared of not making money through your passion and so you do what somebody told you you can do to make money rather than following your heart. And if there's one thing that anybody could get from this podcast, not just this episode, but as a whole, please follow your passion. And if you are worried about the financial confidence that's literally like, what fuel your legacy is, is about empowering people with the financial confidence to go and achieve create and build their meaningful legacy you could put passion in for legacy and you could put making money through financial confidence right but we have this is why I brought her on here. It's because our like literally our objectives are the same with different verbiage.

I love I love that. And so it's just crazy. It's just a funny thing. When you see people and you know your message clear, clear enough, then you'll see other people

are close or completely aligned with your message. And I believe it's incumbent upon you like you need to reach out to them and talk to them. Even if we were never able to get on her on the podcast, I still am happy that was able to have a conversation with her and that she was accessible through social media. Okay, so I love that. So question is, now that you kind of have decided to build this community, how long did it take for you to get to the point where you're, you are finally in the flow, I'm going to say in the flow of like, okay, we're, I'm starting to see my vision come to pass because there's a gap there where like, you're still holding your butt cheeks like, Oh, crap, what happens? You know, you know, but But

over time, it starts Come on, you're like, Oh, this Yeah, this is starting to shape up how I wanted it to. So how long do you think that was? Between Oh, crap moment and like, Okay, I'm starting to see my vision come to pass.

So I'm a really fast mover and I'm